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Bespoke Garden Design Solutions Hampshire

Why DP Garden Design?

The practice is owned and run by Dan Pulling, who is first and foremost passionate about gardens and people’s enjoyment of these additional ‘rooms’ to their homes.

Previously a sales director within the fresh produce and horticultural industries, where he worked for nearly 20 years, and started to develop his enthusiasm for plants. 

When the opportunity arose to study at one of the leading garden design schools, Oxford College of Garden Design with Duncan Heather, it was too good a chance to pass up. 

Following completion of his studies in Garden Design, Dan could not wait to launch his own practice, and bring year round enjoyment to people in their gardens.

His past career has helped develop a keen attention to detail, the ability to listen to customers, a knowledge of plants, and when spending clients money an eye for managing a budget! 

This, combined with creativity, technical know-how and passion for professional gardens helps Dan create a stunning garden clients will love.

Providing bespoke and creative garden design ideas through an efficient garden design service and process is a guarantee at DP Garden Design. 

DP Garden - Diploma in Garden Design

Transform your outdoor space into a place you love to spend time, with the help of DP Garden Design. Get in touch and see how we can help.

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Why a Landscape Garden Designer?

Typically a garden should equate to between 5-20% of the value of your property. It can add real value to your home if done properly, in the same way an extension or well designed interior can do so too.  It is therefore a great investment. You also want to enjoy this outside ‘room’ of your house to the maximum, otherwise it is simply wasted space.

If you simply want a patio or pathway then you are looking for a landscaper. However, if you want someone to get a real understanding for your space, the genius loci (the spirit of place) is something a good designer will focus on. At DP Garden Design we will take the surrounding area, style of our clients home, scale, materials and planting into consideration to build a garden with balance, unity and rhythm.

We can ensure planting that is beautiful and sympathetic to the design whilst also being practical and suitable for the conditions, so avoiding expensive mistakes.

We can take the stress of the project away by managing a competitive tender process with contractors to ensure the best value for our clients, as well as managing communications with planning authorities, and contractors throughout the process to ensure your garden is delivered to specification legally.

In summary the short term cost of a designer will make you money in the longer run and provide you with a beautiful area you can enjoy and maximize.

Salvia Verticillata - Purple Rain - beautiful ornamenal plant
Green grass
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DP Garden Design crafts bespoke and professional garden and landscape solutions, proudly serving Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and surrounding areas with passion and expertise. Transforming outdoor spaces into personalised havens.