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Wildflowers with Traditional or Modern Garden Designs

Why a Wildflower Meadow?


Biodiversity and Food Security

‘Biodiversity is our nation’s natural wealth.’

Wildflower meadows are an indication of the evolution of our landscapes over time, from gentle intervention during early agriculture, through a period of their virtual destruction as an impact of modern intensive farming methods, and the boom in populations and spread of towns and industry, all resulting in the dramatic decline in biodiversity. Fortunately, there has been a revival in recent years with decisive action to halt this loss. Creating a meadow, large and impressive or small and intimate is a great benefit to many different pollinators and wildlife species.


You can create beautiful zones of colour, whilst softening any hardscape, and creating the impression of space in smaller areas. In larger gardens sweeping wildflower meadows cut through with mown pathways can lead to seating areas for relaxation and line of sight to the wider environment. They also provide interest across the year with seasonal changes in appearance, as well as providing changes from year to year. Finally, you can turn ugly building roofs into a fantastic display of colour from spring to autumn with green roof installations.

Health & Well Being

Green infrastructure improves health both physically and mentally. Wildflower meadows will mitigate pollution by reducing particulates in the air. In addition, they will help achieve carbon neutrality by passing carbon down into the ground below. In fact, grasslands store more carbon than the world’s forests.

Low Maintenance

1-2 cuts per year after initial establishment. Maintenance guidelines will be provided. When compared with a traditional lawn and regular spring and summer mowing this is low maintenance.

Reduction in Flooding

Wildflower meadows improve permeability and reduce water flow, managing water at the point of accumulation. Combined with swales provide excellent opportunities for improved drainage, better aesthetics, and habitats.

At DP Garden Design we can ensure that you have any Wildflower areas large or small appropriately designed into the scheme, taking soil and light considerations into account to position correctly. 

As an accredited partner of Wildflower Turf Ltd we can also ensure that any contractor installing the wildflowers follows the correct preparation and installation processes with a clear specification to work to. 

In addition, we can supply clients with the high-quality product needed to install the Wildflower area, whether that be turf or seed. 

If you are interested and wish to discuss more garden design ideas and concepts either contact us via the contact form on this website, or email on We can then arrange follow-up consultations within Hampshire, Surrey and beyond.

Wildflower meadows
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